Shopping for your body type - Rectangle

You walk past a store, look at the dress on the mannequin and think that it would look great on you. You often buy it without trying and end up never wearing it because it does not look the same way it does on the mannequin.. Sound familiar?? 

.... Well, we as women have different body types and there are different cuts, styles and colours that look better on different body types. In this series of blog posts, we will look at each of the 5 main body types and some flattering ways to dress for each body type. 

In this post, we will start with the rectangle body type. This is where your body is roughly the same measurement around the chest, waist and the hips. 

What to wear:

a) Wrap dresses - These are extremely flattering for the rectangle body shape. This wrap dress by Ann Taylor is a great example. A-line dresses really work well with this body type as well. 

b) Waist cinching tops - Tops that cinch the waist, with something like a sash or an elastic band are flattering, like this WHBM top. 

c) Long Jackets and Cardigans - Try on a buttoned up long blazer such as the one from Femme De Carriere 

While these are some basic guidelines on the type of outfits believed to flatter your figure the most, you should wear what makes you feel the most happy and confident! Happy Shopping!